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If you and your kids have loved playing with LEGOs growing up, then Dubai has something that will blow your mind. LEGOLAND Dubai – yes, you read that right – is the Middle East’s first Lego-themed amusement park. A family-friendly space designed keeping little children in mind, the park has two parts – LEGOLAND Theme Park and LEGOLAND Water Park. While the LEGOLAND Theme Park has 40 interactive and exciting rides, the LEGOLAND Water Park charms visitors with its 20 attractive slides and attractions.

When LEGOLAND Dubai boasts of being LEGO-inspired, it means it is built out of LEGO blocks! And if it is in Dubai, then it has to have the Burj Khalifa – yes, LEGOLAND Dubai has a LEGO version of Dubai’s pride and its bewitching skyline. Even the LEGOLAND Water Park is made out of LEGO bricks, in a tribute to the iconic plaything like no other. One can get on fantastic rides, admire the family-friendly attractions, buy LEGOs from the biggest LEGO store out there, and even meet your favourite LEGO characters at LEGOLAND Dubai.

LEGOLAND Dubai offers you the option of visiting solely the LEGOLAND Theme Park, or just the LEGOLAND Water Park, or both on the same day. A word of warning – covering both the parks on the same day might be an uphill task. But if you are a true LEGO enthusiast, the sky can be the limit!


Legoland Dubai Tickets Variants

LEGOLAND Dubai Tickets

LEGOLAND Dubai tickets offer you unlimited access to all rides and attractive highlights of the LEGO wonderland of Dubai. 40 breath-taking LEGO themed rides, shows, and attractions promise a fun mix of indoor and outdoor amusement throughout the park. As you explore the vast expanse, prepare to be awed by the thousands of LEGO models created from millions of LEGO bricks to bring your dream world to life. LEGOLAND Dubai ticket price includes the 40 rides, attractions, and shows, and even allows you to meet with your favourite LEGO characters. Access to the numerous dining areas is also provided, as is to the various facilities, excluding parking, available at the park.

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LEGOLAND Waterpark Dubai Tickets 1 Day Pass

The LEGOLAND Water Park Dubai Tickets 1 Day Pass is the ideal purchase for you if you want a family day out in the water pools. The LEGOLAND Water Park Dubai ticket price includes 20 exciting rides and slides exclusively for families with children aged between two to twelve years. Children below three years can get access free of cost. Spend a thrilling day enjoying the exhilarating rides like Splash Out, Slide Racers, Red Rush, Twin Chasers, and more. The DUPLO Splash Safari is perfect for your toddlers with its mini slides, while you can build a customised LEGO boat ride.

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LEGOLAND Theme Park & Water Park Dubai Tickets – 1 Day Pass

The LEGOLAND Theme Park & LEGOLAND Water Park Dubai Tickets – 1 Day Pass is the ultimate combo offer for the LEGO lover in you. LEGOLAND Theme Park tickets get you access to 40-themed rides while paying the LEGOLAND Water Park Dubai ticket price gets you access to 20-themed slides. This offer lets you experience the thrill of 60 LEGO-inspired rides and access to all of LEGOLAND Dubai’s glory in one day full of fun. Explore unlimited, enjoy unlimited, and have fun unlimited with this one-of-its-kind combo deal that gives you a super discount on booking LEGOLAND tickets.

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Advantages of Booking Legoland Dubai Tickets


LEGOLAND Dubai tickets are a one-of-a-kind experience, and you can purchase the tickets in advance online from the official site and various tour operators. It is, however, recommended that you purchase LEGOLAND Dubai tickets from tour operators to avail of heavy discounts and get special combo packages to save money, time, and effort. If you are worried about later changes you can always upgrade, or even cancel your LEGOLAND Dubai tickets. And don’t worry about refunds – as long as you cancel even a day in advance, you will be refunded your LEGOLAND Dubai ticket price.

1.) Purchase skip-the-line Tickets: to avoid long queues to reach your favourite rides at LEGOLAND Theme Park and LEGOLAND Water Park. The Standard Q-Fast Pass can be used to skip lines at all rides once, while the Unlimited Q-Fast Pass allows you to skip lines at all rides unlimited times.

2.) Book your Tickets in Advance: to avoid last-minute worries about ticket availability. You can also skip the long queues at the walk-in counters and enjoy your tour with your family. Get bulk discounts on the tickets for booking in advance and also get your money back if you cancel your plans.

3.) Explore More with a Combo Ticket: as you get to experience both LEGOLAND Theme Park and LEGOLAND Water Park. The combo LEGOLAND Dubai tickets get you a steep discount on individual prices and are a better way to experience the world of LEGOs. Add a skip-the-line ticket, and you have a trip of a lifetime ready for you.

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Famous Rides At Legoland Dubai

LEGOLAND Dubai tickets get you to access to some classic rides with innovative twists to enthral you and your little ones. LEGOLAND Theme Park has 40 interactive rides spread over its six unique lands, while LEGOLAND Water Park has 20 slides and attractions to spellbind you and your loved ones. All rides at LEGOLAND Dubai have been designed keeping the safety as well as entertainment of your little ones in mind.

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Twin Chasers

Imagine the rush of gliding down a water slide and racing with your friend to reach first. You can bring that into action at LEGOLAND’s Twin Chasers, provided you are at least 102 cm tall and weigh less than 136 kg. And no, don’t enter the slide together for the race to the pool – you will get different ones to compete better!

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Wave Rider @ LEGOLAND
Wave Rider

It is fun to slide down tunnels as you are thrown into the water, but it gets better on an open body slide. If you don’t believe that, LEGOLAND’s Wave Rider will prove it to you. So, if you are at least 102 cm tall, weigh less than 136 kg, and have brought your swimwear along, you are ready to ride the thrilling waves of this amazing ride.

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Bettle Bounce Ride @ LEGOLAND
Beetle Bounce

If your kids love to jump, here’s their chance to jump up and down 15 feet up in the air as they reach LEGO’s scarab beetles. Beetle Bounce is open to all visitors who have a minimum height of 105 cm and are at least four years old. The bouncing tower ride is also accessible for wheelchair-bound enthusiasts.

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Imagination LEGOLAND
LEGO Technic Twister

You can now experience being spun around in a teacup, although without the tea, at LEGO Technic Twister. As you sit in the cup and spin the wheel, the ride rotates. The faster you spin, the faster you are spun, and the more you scream in excitement. So, if everyone with you is at least 105 cm tall and older than 4 years, come along at Imagination. Those requiring wheelchairs get a seat on this fun ride too.

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Kids Power Tower
Kid Power Towers

LEGOLAND’s Kids Power Towers are truly kid-powered – the riders are supposed to pull themselves up to the top as they view the entire Park, and then feel the exhilarating rush of a ‘free-fall’ as they land back on the ground. So, if your little one is at least 95 cm tall and not younger than four years, Kid Power Towers needs to be on your park itinerary. The ride is also wheelchair accessible.

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Twist Ride at LEGOLAND
Twist ‘N’ Spin

LEGOLAND’s Twist ‘N’ Spin promises endless twists and turns as you whoosh down its watery slide. If your minimum height is 107 cm and your weight is less than 136 kg, zip up your swimwear and join this exciting rush. You can also take a friend along on this fun, but ensure your combined weight is less than 181 kg.

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Know Before You Book Legoland Dubai Tickets

Location & How to Reach
Best time to visit and Opening Hours
What to wear

  • LEGOLAND Dubai tickets get you entry to the Middle East’s first LEGO themed amusement park. LEGOLAND Water Park is the only water park in the Middle East for families with children aged two to twelve.
  • There are 40 exhilarating and interactive rides at LEGOLAND theme park, and 20 thrilling water rides at LEGOLAND Water Park for you to indulge in with your family.
  • Buy LEGO products from the biggest LEGO store as you roam around in a park built from millions of LEGO bricks. You can even witness LEGO manufacturing at an actual factory.
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FAQs of LEGOLAND Dubai Tickets

Why is LEGOLAND Dubai so famous?

LEGOs have been a staple plaything for children for generations, and their world has now come alive at the Middle East’s first Lego-themed amusement park – LEGOLAND Dubai. Designed keeping children’s safety and entertainment in mind, the park is among the most popular family-friendly attractions in Dubai. With 40 interactive rides at LEGOLAND Theme Park and 20 fun attractions at LEGOLAND Water Park, several dining options, souvenir shops, and LEGO stores, LEGOLAND Dubai is every LEGO lover’s ultimate destination.

Are there any restaurants in LEGOLAND Dubai?

There are numerous restaurants at LEGOLAND Dubai to cater to all your food cravings as you explore the amusement park.

1.) Caesar’s Pizza and Pasta Buffet offers a themed buffet lunch of unlimited pasta and pizza. The dine-in facility also provides gluten-free, halal, vegan, and vegetarian pasta and pizza. 2.) **The Café **offers you classic coffees, frozen iced drinks, sandwiches, baguettes, and the Mexican delight – quesadillas. You can dine in or take away your order, and can also customise it as per your lactose, gluten, halal, vegan, and vegetarian preferences. 3.) The Knight’s Table can make burgers for every taste and every occasion, from beef, chicken, fish and vegetarian. They also take your lactose, gluten, halal and vegan preferences into consideration when you dine in. 4.) The Ice Factory has a scoop in all your favourite flavours, and your gluten, halal, and vegetarian preferences. 5.) Aqua Treats is your go-to place if you need a quick bite to recharge yourself before you head on to the next ride.

How much does it cost to go to LEGOLAND Dubai?

The cost to go to LEGOLAND Dubai varies as per your choice. If you plan on purchasing the LEGOLAND Dubai ticket, it officially costs AED 295 on their site, and AED 330 at their gate. LEGOLAND Water Park Dubai ticket price is AED 295 on their official site and AED 330 at their walk-in counter. However, if you purchase a combo ticket, you get access to both LEGOLAND Dubai and LEGOLAND Water Park for AED 355 online, and AED 395 at walk-in. If you are looking for an even better deal, check out online tour operators to get heavy discounts on advance bookings.

What is included in a LEGOLAND Dubai ticket?

A LEGOLAND Dubai ticket includes full-day unlimited access to all the rides, attractions, shows, shops, and dining outlets at the park.

Can the Dubai LEGOLAND ticket be cancelled?

If you change your plans about visiting LEGOLAND Dubai, you can generally cancel your tickets and even get refunds. It is advised you check your tour operator’s site carefully to know their policies regarding the same.

How long is the LEGOLAND Dubai ticket valid?

A LEGOLAND Dubai ticket is valid for the day it has been purchased. When you book tickets for the park of your choice, it has a single-day validity and has to be utilised on the day you have bought it for. If you are unable to visit that day for some reason, you need to cancel and rebook for a different day as per your convenience.

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